Chinese Stock Market is Booming

Chinese economy seems to be recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic and the country is entering in a period of great opportunities and prosperity. Interesting to see that the difference of the performance dispersion across the top and bottom 25% large Cap stocks over the last 12 months as of today is big as around +180%.

This Report analyze 18 Large Cap Chinese stocks positively rated (A) or (B) by Trendrating over the last 60 days. Once again, the Trendrating proprietary methodology was really effective in capturing the strong upward price moves well in time.

Stocks List

Stocks Charts

Trendrating is the leader in “trend capture“ models, analytics and technology, serving 100+ institutions worldwide with premier partners including Bloomberg and Euronext.

Trendrating provides an innovative, well proven set on analytics to assess and rate the quality of price trends.

The ability to capture trends, profiting from bull markets and avoiding bear phases is the key to superior performance on a consistent basis. Trendrating makes possible to quickly analyze trends using a rating system where A and B identify bull trends and C and D point to bear trends. This rating approach captures in a systematic and unbiased way medium term price trends that can impact yearly portfolio returns. The rating of trends is additional market intelligence designed to enrich the investment decision process and maximize returns while improving risk control.

Trendrating offers a well validated rating methodology to measure trends (A, B, C, D)  easy to integrate into most strategies and models.

With Trendrating you can evaluate the direction and the quality of medium to long-term price trends for stocks, ETFs, indices, sectors and countries.

Trendrating is equally effective at identifying meaningful trends at the macro level, as well as screening from the bottom up to validate or generate new ideas.

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