Growing an investment business is about striving for excellence. The end goal is to increase AUM and expand profit margins. Both depend on superior client service and providing quality investment products to end clients, delivered on a cost efficient basis. How can this be achieved? This largely requires maximizing investment performance by adopting best of breed technology that can produce a more efficient cost structure. The vision and drive to lead an investment team toward intelligent process innovation is paramount in an increasingly competitive industry faced with shrinking margins. Trendrating provides cutting-edge technology that is proven to boost returns while reducing risk. Adding our system to the existing workflow also saves time and helps reduce costs.


Running an investment team is tough. Deciding which strategies are best and then modifying them before it’s too late requires keen insight. Monitoring the firm’s different fund offerings requires risk management tools that provide a disciplined sanity check across all portfolios in a few minutes. CIOs typically use a common set of metrics such as volatility, risk-return and VaR to measure aggregate risk-return profile of their holdings. Trendrating provides an additional forward looking risk metric, the Trend Capture Rating (TCR), that provides insight into a fund’s performance over a desired holding period. A high TCR ensures that a portfolio is properly positioned for continued success.

Portfolio Managers

Most portfolio managers rely on numerous metrics based on fundamental and quantitative data, but very few measure the strength, duration, and direction of price trends. It’s a fact that markets are displaying a growing disconnect between stock price trends and underlying fundamentals. The length of time of this disconnect has now reached proportions where clients may run out of patience if you are sticking solely to fundamental analysis. Trendrating adds a layer of information to the existing investment decision process to raise the accuracy of stock selection and allocation. We can help to identify from a large investment universe, the sets of likely winners and losers. Our Screening Tool flags groups of stocks that can be disastrous for portfolios, and hones in on sets of stocks that are in synch with trends that the market is validating.

Independent Advisors

Independents have the freedom to put the emphasis on clients ahead of a big firm. They have the flexibility to choose which investment strategies to put their clients in, as well as the tools they use to manage their investments. However, independence can come at a cost as many advisors do not have the internal resources or tools necessary to rapidly acquire new clients. This often leads to the reliance on investing in passive investment products that rarely, if ever, outperform the broad market. For independent advisors looking to leverage a more active approach, Trendrating includes a functionality that supports portfolio constraints but maximizes performance. A single advisor can create their own investment products in the form of SMAs, Sleeves or for larger advisors, ETFs and Mutual Funds. This level of sophistication can raise the level of client interest and help attract new assets to the firm.

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