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The ability to capture trends, profiting from bull markets and avoiding bear phases is the key to superior performance on a consistent basis. Investors that have a good understanding and a disciplined respect for the specific price trend of securities outperform competitors. Any investment strategy can be enhanced by a better synchronization to trends developments. Trendrating has developed a unique methodology to rate price trends, with a time horizon of 6 to 18 months. In an industry that is used to rate, rank and score a large number of metrics and data, Trendrating is filling a critical gap as capturing trends is by far the most important variable to deliver superior performance on a consistent basis. Trendrating provides advanced analytics designed to capture trends, identifying most of the winners and avoiding a large part of the losers with in a yearly horizon.  A and B ratings indicate a bull trend and C and D mark bear moves. We provide a unique edge where A and B rated stocks on average outperform those rated C and D. Every month we publish in this section reports and statistics that document results at the end of each month. You can look at:

  • Actual statistics on the “ edge “ – comparing the historical returns of A/B vs. C/D.

Every month we measure and compare the last 3 to 6 months average return of stocks rated A/B vs. those rated C/D, including the list of the two subsets.

It is possible then to observe the actual results of our Trend Capture Rating (TCR)©.

  • Our white papers

Actual statistics on the “edge”

Here we want to document on a systematic basis the accuracy of our rating methodology across the board and measure the outperformance of securities rated A and B vs those rated C and D.

We publish every month reports to prove this point.

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