Best US Stock Trends of 2019 report is a selection of some of the best investment opportunities of the last 3 months. All these stocks received a positive rating (B) or (A) at the beginning of 2019.

Trendrating is the leader in “trend capture“ models, analytics and technology, serving 100+ institutions worldwide and premier partners including Euronext .

Trendrating provides an innovative, well proven set on analytics to assess and rate the quality of price trends. The ability to capture trends, profiting from bull markets and avoiding bear phases is the key to superior performance on a consistent basis. Trendrating makes possible to quickly analyze trends using a rating system where A and B identify bull trends and C and D point to bear trends. In other words, this rating approach captures in a systematic and unbiased way medium term price trends that can impact yearly portfolio returns. The rating of trends is additional market intelligence designed to enrich the investment decision process and maximize returns while improving risk control.

Trendrating offers a well validated rating methodology to measure trends (A, B, C, D) easy to integrate into most strategies and models.

To clarify:

A = strong bull trend

B = beginning of a bull trend

C = inception of a bear trend

D = strong bear trend

With Trendrating you can evaluate the direction and the quality of medium to long-term price trends for stocks, ETFs, indices, sectors and countries.

Trendrating is equally effective at identifying meaningful trends at the macro level, as well as screening from the bottom up to validate or generate new ideas.

In conclusion, Trendrating analytics fill a critical gap in market intelligence. Investors analyze and rate a number of fundamental, qualitative and quantitative data. However, many investors do not apply the same sophistication and discipline in analyzing key price trends across investment universes and portfolios, despite the fact that being in sync with individual stock trends is the premier contributor to risk control and return enhancement. Trendrating is the perfect complement to most investment styles, providing an edge in a market where Trend Capture Analytics can add a measurable advantage when used in tandem with pure fundamental approaches.

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