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We provide ‘trend capture’ technology that adds objective discipline to portfolio management. Our advanced analytics are designed to capture trends, identifying stocks with a high probability to be winners and avoiding securities that may result in losses within a yearly horizon.

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Discover more about Trendrating advanced analytics and technology.

Momentum Risk Monitor

Make trends work for you. Stay on top of emerging opportunities and risks with Momentum Risk Monitor, an alternative data product developed in partnership with Euronext.

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Receive notifications about momentum changes in your portfolio. Get advantages of Trendrating Cutting edge technology.

Incorporate Trendrating for Superior returns

Trendrating provides next generation analytics designed to capture trends early using machine learning techniques, identifying most of the winners and avoiding a significant part of the losers within a yearly time horizon.

Empower the future of asset management

Discover how our 100+ global customers benefits from Trendrating advanced analytics and technology.

Investment Discipline That Outperforms

Expand your investment toolkit with Trendrating. Harness the power of automation, analytics and advanced technology.

Trendrating Invest 2019 Presentation

Dan Brady, CFA, Debunks the Myths of Momentum Factor Investing at Morgan Stanley’s Annual Portfolio Management Institute Forum.

Momentum Risk Monitor

Trendrating, an expert in momentum trend capture, in partnership with Euronext, the leading pan-European exchange in the Eurozone, recently announced the launch of Momentum Risk Monitor, a powerful price trend analysis product that allows clients to enhance their risk monitoring process.

Momentum Risk Monitor captures shifts in momentum exposure faster and more intelligently with a robust momentum rating tool based on a powerful self-adjusting algo model. It helps clients address the challenge of analysing price trends accurately and objectively while its self-adjusting model efficiently filters out market noises.

Trendrating CEO sounds the 'GONG' at Euronext

Trendrating CEO sounds the “gong” at Euronext in Amsterdam after the two firms announced the launch of Momentum Risk Monitor, a powerful price trend analysis product that allows Euronext clients to enhance their risk monitoring process.

FinTech Focus TV Interview

FinTech Focus TV welcomes Yiannis Yianni of Trendrating to the studio. Yiannis talks about the rise of this game-changing company and the opportunities they saw in the market.

Discover the Trendrating Platform

Trendrating provides leading edge analytics and technology. Over 100 investment professionals incorporate Trendrating into their decision process for an extra dimension of insight and discipline. Trendrating strategies complement all investment styles, with a success track record of 80%.

Validating the positive contribution of Momentum

Until now, portfolio managers have had no way to test momentum strategies and measure the results. Backed by many years of academic scrutiny and 5 years of internal R&D, Trendrating has solved this dilemma by developing a robust and objective methodology to measure medium to long-term price trends for any.

Introducing Trendrating

Trendrating was created to provide better tools to maximize investment performance and improve risk control. We bring additional intelligence and measurable value to the existing decision processes. Superior performance and financial success come from discipline and a systematic reality check of assumptions. Bias, emotions, market noise and overconfidence may severely limit a manger’s ability to perform.

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