Opportunities From Sectors Rotation

The performance dispersion across stocks and sectors offers the opportunity to deliver superior returns. The key is to have the tools to assess the trade flows from buyers and sellers and to be able to discriminate the positive vs. negative trends on the basis of the actual price behavior. Introducing this approach as a new...
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A New Paradigm For Portfolio Risk Control

The investment markets of 2022 proved how inadequate many conventional data, analytics and risk management tools were in trying to limit the damage of a bear trend. Traditional risk management and analytical tools exposed their limits during 2022 and the continuing new market regime of sequential bull and bear markets will continue to be a...
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Trendrating Delivering Superior Portfolio Management Technology To Better Navigate The New Market Regime

The Opportunities For Smart Investors in The New Regime As the new market cycle is imposing a reassessment of traditional strategies and raises the bar to deliver performance for the professional portfolio management industry, we asked the opinion of Rocco Pellegrinelli, founder & CEO of Trendrating, an innovative wealth tech firm providing advanced analytics and...
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What Is Performance Dispersion?

Performance dispersion is the distribution of medium-term price trends in any chosen investment universe. For example, in 2022 the S&P 500 lost 19%. The bottom top 25% performers posted an average loss of 44%, while the top 25% performers recorded an average gain of 22%. The differential is massive. Performance dispersion is a fact that...
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The New Market Regime and The Challenges For Asset Owners

Stock markets entered in a new cycle in 2022. The experts call it “a new regime”, expected to generate low returns for the next few years. History can be of guidance here. After years of bull market a new cycle of low return usually last up to 11 years. Some statistics can offer an idea...
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C8 Technologies partners with Trendrating to provide new indexing strategies

by C8 Technologies C8 Technologies is pleased to announce that seven Trendrating indices will now be available through the C8 platform. The strategies will be available to C8 clients to be accessed through a direct index and will be fully included in C8 studio and thus available to be combined with other strategies and allocations...
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Trendrating and Cretum Capital & Advisory Partners join forces to empower portfolio managers in Latin America

MEXICO CITY, MEXICO, March 28, 2023/ — Trendrating and Cretum Capital & Advisory Partners join forces to deliver leading-edge solutions to portfolio managers in Latin America. The new stock market cycle generates more challenges and increased risks to equity portfolio managers and advisors. The industry of asset and wealth management need smarter insights to navigate the ups and downs....
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Trendrating Unveils New Version to Identify Trend Changes Faster and More Efficiently

February 14, 2023, 12:15 GMT The new Trendrating version addresses greater efficiencies in Screening filters, Portfolio Report construction and tracking Rating History versus a benchmark. BOSTON, MA, USA, February 14, 2023 / –Trendrating, a leading provider of data and technology solutions to the global capital markets, today announced the latest version of its advanced analytics...
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Goodbye to the Old Bull Market, Hello to Big New Opportunities

The message from the stock market is clear. The new market cycle is punishing static asset allocations and passive strategies. Experts like BlackRock expect a decade of low returns in the indices. This means up and down repetitive waves and goodbye to the bull market. Here are the facts: The S&P500 recorded a first wave...
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Advanced Solutions to Succeed In
The New Market Cycle

Many experts say we entered a new market regime of high volatility and lower returns. In this new market cycle, it is essential to have the right technology to promptly spot emerging risks and opportunities across stocks. To explore how to respond to this changing investment cycle, we went to Rocco Pellegrinelli, CEO of Trendrating – a...
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