Rocco Pellegrinelli: Navigating Market Uncertainty and Elevating the Investment Performance with Trendrating

The shifting dynamics of the market are exposing the inadequacy of some conventional data, tools, and methodologies in effectively navigating the increasing risks and achieving optimal performance. This juncture calls for a pragmatic reevaluation of traditional strategies. To gain insight into this, we asked the opinion of Rocco Pellegrinelli, the visionary founder & CEO of...
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Discover What Can Really Improve Investment Performance

Too often investors base their investment decisions on assumptions that the parameters and rules they use to select stocks are effective to deliver alpha. They make sense, but do they really make money? Did they have the opportunity to test them across a meaningful historical window and validate the hypothesis with robust evidence? Without hard...
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Trendrating – Smarter Insights For Portfolio Managers

The new market regime is exposing the inadequacy of some conventional data, tools and methodologies in managing the increasing risks and delivering performance. It is time for a pragmatic reassessment of traditional strategies. We asked the opinion of Rocco Pellegrinelli, founder & CEO of Trendrating, an innovative wealth tech firm providing advanced analytics and sophisticated...
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Exploit Dispersion to Maximize Your Performance

Trendrating U.S. Performance Dispersion Navigator – January 2024 Performance dispersion is the opportunity. Here is the performance of the S&P 500 index over the last three years: up 27% in 2021, down -19% in 2022 and up 24% in 2023. This “roller coaster” behavior of the market is here to stay, according to experts. The...
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Trendrating Delivering Superior Portfolio Management Technology To Better Navigate The New Market Regime

The Opportunities For Smart Investors in The New Regime As the new market cycle is imposing a reassessment of traditional strategies and raises the bar to deliver performance for the professional portfolio management industry, we asked the opinion of Rocco Pellegrinelli, founder & CEO of Trendrating, an innovative wealth tech firm providing advanced analytics and...
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Exploiting Performance Dispersion

In the new market cycle, stock indices can only offer high volatility and low annual returns for the next few years, if history can be of guidance – the sideways market cycles of 1969-1980 and 2000-2009. However, the performance dispersion across stocks is broad and provides the opportunity to outperform. How broad is the performance...
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AI Risk Management Tool for Calling Stock and Market Trends 

[Is the bear back or are we entering a protracted, low-return market environment? Either way, active portfolio management can still potentially deliver superior returns even in difficult market cycles by “acknowledging and respecting price trends and profiting from the broad performance dispersion across stocks”. This statement and a further call on our entering a new...
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The Next Level of Portfolio Risk Control

Based on our research, in 2022 we entered a new market cycle that is expected to generate low returns for the next few years. The previous similar market cycles (1968-1982 and 2000-2009) recorded annualized returns on major US indices that were below 1% with a long sequence of volatile up and down waves. But while...
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Opportunities From Sectors Rotation

The performance dispersion across stocks and sectors offers the opportunity to deliver superior returns. The key is to have the tools to assess the trade flows from buyers and sellers and to be able to discriminate the positive vs. negative trends on the basis of the actual price behavior. Introducing this approach as a new...
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A New Paradigm For Portfolio Risk Control

The investment markets of 2022 proved how inadequate many conventional data, analytics and risk management tools were in trying to limit the damage of a bear trend. Traditional risk management and analytical tools exposed their limits during 2022 and the continuing new market regime of sequential bull and bear markets will continue to be a...
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