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The people

The founders have 30+ years of experience in building models and software for asset and wealth managers, and a successful track record of providing innovative, world class solutions. The core team includes a seasoned group of passionate developers, mathematicians, and quants.

Our vision

We want to provide our customers with rock solid intelligence and tools that deliver alpha in an unquestionable, measurable way.

The majority of research and analytics providers does a poor job at delivering real value to portfolio managers.

The return on investment on research content and tools is mediocre at best on improving investment performance.

Most content is read out of habit and offers minimal effect.

Time for a change!

We serve customers that strive to deliver as much value as they can for their clients.

We want customers that believe that there is always room for improvement in any strategy and in any investment decision process.

We search for customers that are competitive and open minded to consider any innovative solution that can offer a strategic edge in the battle for maximizing the performance.

We respect customers that understand that even their existing investment approach can benefit by adding an extra layer of intelligence.


Trendrating is a vast tool that can empower a professional that wants to hone their craft by having a tool that can be used to analyze many data metrics. This can help to reaffirm your decision process when used by itself or alongside other methodologies.

Asset Manager, US

I’ve just won the firm’s annual nationwide stock picking contest and used Trendrating to do it!

Wealth Manager, US

I use it every day, I enter client portfolios and get daily updates on them. I always looked at how a stock is ranked before buying it!

Asset Manager, Switzerland

I have found the service very valuable for using the downgrades to identify sell candidates!

Fund Manager, UK

The application makes perfect sense in our environment. The value added is also very appealing.

Portfolio Manager, South Africa

Our approach towards investing is research-driven. We strive to get to know managements (and their competitors) and own a portfolio of the best companies at reasonable prices. That said, we recognize that there are “technical” and price trends – that in themselves carry information that may yet to be fully discovered by the market. Trendrating is an easy-to-use tool that augments my investment process by helping me identify stocks with price trends, whether positive or negative. The overlay of Trendrating screens over our fundamental stock picks helps us make better decisions when it comes to entry points, exits and building a higher alpha-generating portfolio.

Asset Manager, Singapore

Trendrating has become a key part of our investment toolkit at our family office, enhancing our monitoring, risk management, and idea generation. Its intuitive platform offers peace of mind and a competitive edge in identifying market trends. The personalized support from the Trendrating team has been exceptional, equipping us to maximize the platform’s potential. We strongly recommend Trendrating to family offices and institutional investors looking for a decisive advantage in their investment decisions.

Family Office, US

By following some of the suggested trading for my portfolio the tool has paid for itself several times over in unrealized gains and by suggesting a sell recommendation that I likely wouldn’t have made.

Wealth Manager, US

I’ve been thrilled with the strategy builder and implementation of the various portfolios I’ve created and now using for client assets.

Wealth Manager, US

At first skeptical then when paper portfolios were doing so well I used my own $ and now regret not putting Client $ in earlier.

Wealth Manager, US

One very positive element is that you are the only one from some other competitors that, you put your money where your mouth (product) is and with very exciting results. This is a huge plus.

Portfolio Manager, EU

Trendrating is a real financial weapon. I apply a strategy with large cap shares only, and this software can boost my results.

Portfolio Manager, EU

We are always looking to enhance the breadth of services available to Bloomberg Terminal users through the APP Portal with new and innovative providers. Trendrating’s Portfolio Sentinel achieves that with their advanced analytics complementing our existing services while adding value for our Terminal subscribers. We are delighted to have Trendrating on-board.

Mike King, Global Head of The Bloomberg App Portal

We found in Trendrating something different and unique, their technological platform has superior algorithms to assure the best trends on the market, this helps us and to our clients to have a constant and disciplined approach to take investment decisions, adding also an extra layer for risk management, avoiding noise and human over-reactions to our processes.

Alejando Creixell, Managing Director at Cretum Capital & Advisory Partners

Message from our CEO

The enemies of excellence are skepticism and inertia.

Skepticism against the new. Rejection of innovative ideas and methodologies due to fear of change. Often we hear, “I’ve seen many new things and they’re all worthless!” Well, maybe you’ve seen many things, but you didn’t see everything. Once in a while, a new idea comes around that delivers valuable innovation worth serious consideration.

Inertia prevents making small changes and adjustments to the status quo. Inertia blocks any potential improvement, despite the fact that anything can be always improved by definition. The skeptic says, “I have my way to do things, why should I change?” What if the change delivers better results? You still won’t consider it? What about your obligations to always provide your clients with the best possible service? Are you truly delivering on what your promise?

Skepticism and inertia are the main causes of the chronic underperformance of most active managers.

The asset management industry is rapidly evolving after years of stalled repetition of old school approaches and methodologies. Those who survive will be the ones who put fear of change aside and quickly adopt the best in class innovation. These forward-thinkers will profit from new tools that incorporate advanced analytics, models, and technology. The rest will be held hostage by skepticism and inertia.

Let’s bet on which type of portfolio manager will grow and prosper.

Our mission is to help smart people to succeed and beat the competition. Just ask our customers.

Warm Regards.

Rocco Pellegrinelli, Founder & CEO


Rocco Pellegrinelli

Founder, CEO

Rocco Pellegrinelli began his career as a portfolio manager. He has been a successful entrepreneur in the technology sector for the past 20 years. He created Brainpower in 1996 and as Chairman and CEO, established it as one of the top portfolio management systems globally. After taking the company public on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange in 2000, Brainpower was acquired by Bloomberg in 2006. His vision “Many analytical tools makes sense, but do they also make money? It is time to bring real value to fund managers.” Rocco believes that the asset and wealth management industry needs to evolve toward higher standards of value to clients, efficiency and cost effectiveness. Adopting new data and sophisticated tools is the only solution. He launched Trendrating with the mission to provide innovative analytics and technology that deliver alpha in a measurable, actionable and repeatable way. In 2020, Rocco has been nominated as one of the “10 Most Inspiring CEOs to Watch” by Industry Tech Outlook, as well as one of the “10 Best Innovative Leaders” by DigiTech Insight. Rocco is also a Nasdaq contributor to their advisor portal.

Sandro Bottarelli

Co-Founder, CTO

Sandro Bottarelli is an expert in physics and engineering. He was formerly Chief Development Officer at Brainpower. His analytics models became the core of Bloomberg’s Portfolio Analytics offering. While at Bloomberg, he was Manager of the Portfolio Analytics R&D division. He graduated magna cum laude in Science from the University of Milan.​ His motto is “The value of an idea lies in the using of it”. Thomas A. Edison​

John Coulter

Managing Director, North America

John has spent his entire career growing innovative fintech companies. In 1995 he co-founded TRIAD, the equities IOI management system which was one of the first commercially available FIX engines, later acquired by Reuters. John was also President and COO of Javelin Technologies, the world’s leading FIX engine vendor with over 350 customers, acquired by NYFIX in 2002. He then served as VP of Corporate strategy with Silicon Valley based Vhayu, acquired by Thomson Reuters in 2009. John graduated from Fairfield University with a BA in English & Journalism and is a devoted Little League baseball coach for his two sons.

Amar Morjaria

Senior Portfolio Risk and Performance Consultant, Global Sales

Amar has over 15 years’ experience in positioning Financial Technology. He spent 7 years at Bloomberg in New Business and Relationship Management helping generate millions of dollars of revenue across Bloomberg’s Core Terminal business in the Nordics and London. He is an Equities specialist and has extensive knowledge of pre trade, in trade and post trade decision support trading analytics within Portfolio, Execution and Order Management systems. He has positioned these complex and innovative solutions to Global Asset Management firms, Banks and Brokers. Amar has worked at OTAS Technologies a Liquidnet company as a Sales Director leveraging his existing relationships and responsible for revenue growth across EMEA & Asia Pacific. Amar hold a BA Hons in Economics and Financial Services.

Greg Timilty

Director of Inside Sales

Greg had over 20 years of experience in institutional sales before joining Trendrating. He is a co-founder of a respected institutional equity research firm and broker-dealer, BlueFin Research Partners, based in Boston. He has extensive experience in US equity markets as well as advising clients throughout the US. Greg graduated from the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester Massachusetts, where he was also a member of the football team.

Antonio Marinelli

Country Sales Manager, Italy and Switzerland

Antonio is a qualified Senior Sales Manager with more than 17 years of experience in the sales of information technology solutions. He has a solid sales track record of complex and innovative portfolio management analytics in the Banking, Asset Management and Wealth Management sectors. Prior to that, he worked 7 years in the sales divisions of international automotive and optoelectronic fields for high level companies. He graduated in Physics from University of Milan.

Shiv Nathwani

Senior Solutions Consultant

Shiv has 12 years’ experience in representing portfolio management, strategy and research teams across all major asset classes. At Trendrating he is responsible for engaging with investment teams to harness the power of our analytics and technology solutions. Prior to joining Trendrating, he worked as a Portfolio Specialist within the Investment Solutions Group at State Street Global Advisors, as the conduit between fund management and distribution activities. Shiv holds a BSc with Honours in Politics and Economics, Investment Management Certificate and Certificate in ESG Investing.

Justin Rush

Director of Clients Services

As the Director of Client Services at Trendrating, Justin is dedicated to delivering exceptional client experiences and driving business growth. Justin brings a wealth of expertise and a deep understanding of the finance industry to his role. With more than 7 years in the finance industry and 4 years of prior experience as a Financial Advisor for TD Bank and Northwestern Mutual. He Graduated from Rider University with a BA in Marketing. In his spare time Justin enjoys watching sports and spending time with his family and friends.

Massimiliano Pellegrinelli

Senior Strategist

As a Senior Strategist at Trendrating, Massimiliano is dedicated to operating exceptional marketing activities and spearheading business growth. With a deep passion for the finance industry, Massimiliano remains at the forefront of emerging trends, and technological advancements. By staying abreast of industry changes, he consistently introduces innovative strategies, shaping the success and growth of Trendrating. He graduated from Webster University (Geneva) with a BS in Business Administration and a BA in Management.

Guido Pellegrinelli

Equity Strategies Manager

As an Equity Strategies Manager at Trendrating, Guido is in charge of constructing equity-driven strategies across the globe for sophisticated international clients with the goal of delivering superior returns over the years. He is also a specialist in creating smart model portfolios that meet the clients needs. He graduated from Webster University (Geneva) with a BS in Business Administration and a BA in Management.

Umberto Leonardi

Financial Data Analyst

Umberto is an accomplished Financial Data Analyst with a strong background in quantitative analysis and data interpretation. With a bachelor’s degree in Economics and Management at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore and a master degree at Università della Svizzera Italiana (USI). Umberto has a keen interest in the Fintech industry and possesses a unique blend of financial acumen and technical expertise. His dedication to staying current with industry trends and advancements in data analytics underscores his commitment to excellence in the field.

George Seaton

Business Development

As a seasoned global Business Development Executive with over 15 years of experience, George brings a wealth of expertise across various industries, including commercial banking, tax consultancy, and software/IT. With a proven track record of driving growth and fostering strategic partnerships, George specializes in introducing and expanding business opportunities across the EMEA and APAC regions. Leveraging his passion for innovation and collaboration, George is dedicated to bringing solutions that drive measurable and sustainable business success across the globe.



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250+ global institutions take full advantage of Trendrating intelligence. Trendrating and its content are for investment professional use only and are not intended for the retail investment public.

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