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Asset Managers

How about a methodology that can sort out potential winners from losers?

How about a unique rating for price trends that offers an edge in identifying the majority of the 50% best performing stocks to hold and  50% of the underperformers to avoid with a 12 months time horizon?

Too good to be true? Just give us a chance to prove it to you.

A simple overlay of our robust rating and ranking of trends across your investment universe can help you to get the most out of your carefully conceived investment strategy.

We can add a new intelligence layer to maximize returns and reduce performance risks.

  • Validate investment ideas and research recommendations.
  • Screen the market and find investment opportunities
  • Monitor portfolio risks by spotting in time underperformers
  • Use the rating to fine tune the exposure in stocks and sectors
  • Be alerted on trend reversals
  • Make your investment strategy to be more in synch with real trends
  • Measure the contribution in terms of extra performance
  • Save time

Wealth Managers

A Wealth Manager’s primary goal is to protect client assets by avoiding exposure to unnecessary risks.

But risks are there all the time. The false sense of security in owning Large Cap, brand name stocks, is hard hit when stocks like General Electric and Kraft Heinz lose 60% of value in a matter of 2 years (2017-2019).

New metrics and more advanced tools of risk control are required.

Trendrating empowers wealth managers with well validated analytics and technology that deliver benefits in terms of investment returns and performance protection.

  • Run health checks across all the portfolios to spot in time emerging risks coming from trend reversals.
  • Validate holdings and investment ideas with a robust layer of trend analytics.
  • Impress your clients with a solid, articulated set of reports and tools
  • Make your advisory more proactive with state of art screening and ranking functionality
  • Build personalized strategies starting from a selected, approved investment universe
  • Control that portfolio allocation is not out of synch with prevailing trends.

Fund Managers

The vast majority of active mutual funds underperform their benchmark (Source: S&P SPIVA).

Security price action is showing an increasing disconnect with underlying fundamentals resulting in long periods of underperformance for active managers. The result of rapidly changing market dynamics, and the growing allocation of funds to passive strategies is further exacerbating this disconnect.

We believe that this underperformance can be mitigated by adding a layer of intelligent trend analysis to most fundamentally focused investment processes.

The statistics on the underperformance of mutual funds make a compelling case for a more structured use of proven, sophisticated analytics that objectively and systematically assess the direction and the quality of price trends, while filtering out price noise. Trendrating is a valuable complement to fundamental metrics in delivering alpha.

  • Analyze, compare and validate alternative investment ideas
  • Stay on top of new trends, up and down, across your entire investment universe
  • Establish an efficient portfolio risk monitoring approach via timely alerts
  • Use the rating to overweight stocks in strong bull trends
  • Optimize sector allocation
  • Create and test strategies

Risk Managers

Markets behavior is evolving as new products, algorithms and systematic investing generate a multi-dimentional risk environment. Self-feeding trends, with large pools of money following momentum, the only investing factor that self-reinforce as more adoption grows, pose a new challenge to traditional risk management methodologies.

At Trendrating we believe that one big risk today is the performance risk. The risk of underperforming and of continuing to underperform with impeccable consistency. See more here.

We provide risk managers with the methodology, the metrics and the technology to effectively cope with this risk.

  • Expand your risk models incorporating our unique rating and scoring model
  • Update your toolkit with pragmatic, objective, validated metrics
  • Identify pockets of risk across securities, sectors and markets
  • Bring your risk analysis to the next level


Proactive, well informed, timely advisory makes a big difference to end-clients. Retaining and growing advised assets is challenging and advisors need the best tools available.

Exceed your clients expectations by using the same sophisticated intelligence and advanced systems that power the most competitive and successful institutional investors.

  • Easily screen any investment universe to find the best investment ideas
  • Validate with confidence new opportunities
  • Spot risks in a timely fashion and impress your customers with high quality risk control
  • Create individual baskets and strategies easy and fast
  • Have an objective opinion of the direction and quality of trends for any security, expanding your reach and coverage
  • Prepare impressive reports for your meetings

Value Investors

Incorporating Trend Validation by utilizing a disciplined systematic approach as an overlay can greatly enhance returns for Value Investors.

Disciplined Trend Validation investing, if based on statistically proven methodologies, can be hugely rewarding. A recent research paper, Fact, Fiction and Trend Validation Investing by Moskowitz, Asness and Israel (2014), shows that managers can improve the efficiency of their portfolios by using investment vehicles which incorporate both Value and Trend Validation strategies.

Many types of Trend Validation strategies can be constructed through Trendrating and layered onto Value strategies. We make it easy for fund managers to test any model with Trendrating at a real performance level. By incorporating the most sophisticated Trend Validation Factor models in the financial industry, Trendrating is a perfect complement to Value focused strategies adding enhanced performance, risk control and better diversification.

Benefits of Combining Value & Trend Validation

  • Actionable ratings on over 15,000 global equities, indices, sectors, ETFs, currencies & commodities across 50 countries
  • The combination of Value & Trend Validation allows fund managers to improve entry/exit points on undervalued stocks. Trend Validation is used as an overlay to assess timing
  • Creates more global multi-asset class opportunities as a “go anywhere” investment approach astrend validation exists in all markets and geographic regions.
  • The negative correlation between Value & Trend Validation and historically higher returns when leveraging both together generates a better Sharpe Ratio
  • Improves risk management as evidenced by research which shows that liquidity risk is negatively related to value and positively related totrend validation globally across asset classes

Supported Tasks in Trendrating

  • Run systematic health checks on your portfolios to cut losers sooner and let winners run
  • Spottrend validation reversals early with daily alerts on your entire investment universe
  • Create, test and implementtrend validation strategies as an overlay after conducting fundamental research
  • Optimize portfolios by upgrading position ratings by selling C & D rated positions and selecting A rated securities from the same peer group
  • Measure and compare markettrend validation across regions, countries, sectors & industries
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