Capture your alpha

Do not miss investment opportunities. Whatever your investment approach is – value, growth, dividend yield, contrarian you can profit more from the performance dispersion in your investment universe.

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The Challenge:

Generating alpha requires the ability to profit from the performance dispersion across stocks by capturing some of the outperformers and avoiding the underperformers.

2022 Performance Dispersion Facts: Top 25% Performers (Average Performance) Bottom 25% Performers (Average Performance)
S&P 500 Performance: -19% +22% -44%
STOXX Europe 600 Performance:-13% +26% -34%

Why Trendrating:

Trendrating offers well proven, advanced analytics to discriminate and validate price trends. Our AI-driven, multi-factor model offers an objective, pragmatic methodology to validate investment ideas with a “price trend sanity check”.

How it works:

check more boxes, rate investment ideas, spot new opportunities across 17,000 securities. Do not miss to capture the outperformers due to a lack of smarter data.

Bring your portfolios risk control intelligence to the next level

Gain smarter insights to strengthen your risk management process in the new market regime.

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The Challenge:

The new market cycle is exposing the limits of conventional data and tools. negative trends are more frequent and extreme. Effective risk control requires smarter analytics and technology supporting a fast reaction to events.

Why Trendrating:

We introduced a new paradigm for portfolio risk control. We add an element of “trend risk control”. Our solution enables the analysis of the “trends allocation risk” for portfolios. The larger is the portfolio exposure to falling stocks the bigger is the risk of losses. A pragmatic, factual and logical methodology to see the risks from another perspective, as the performance of a strategy is directly linked to the trends of the holdings.

How it works:

Our clients can easily calculate the combined trend risk across all the managed portfolios and promptly identify those that incorporate excessive risks, due to an overweight on securities in a bear trend. Adjust and optimize the holdings to get a safer exposure.

Maximize your opportunities to outperform

Design your own winning investment strategies and model portfolios. Test, explore and discover the actual alpha contribution of any parameter from a rich set of data and analytics. Pick the best to maximize your performance.

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The Challenge:

The universe of data, analytics, parameters and assumptions to select stocks is vast. But what is the actual contribution in terms of alpha? what are the selection rules that work best across the years? how can an investor confidently decide what to use without robust evidence of the value?

Why Trendrating:

Trendrating is changing this. Our customers can easily gain knowledge and smart insights about the expected alpha contribution of different selection rules.

How it works:

Our solution makes easy and fast to select any parameter from a rich data set including fundamental, quantitative and technical analytics. Then execute an historical test, explore other combinations and discover the best performing strategy, with solid statistical evidence. Furthermore it is possible to find the right combination that maximize the returns for specific investment universes (sectors and markets), and combine different strategies. Our strategy builder is a game changer for smart, active investors.

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    Validation and Ranking - Enhance your selection process for maximum performance.

    The challenge. Selecting and validating what stocks to buy or hold should take into consideration several factors. A key factor if the actual price trend. Neglecting a sound assessment and respect of the current trend direction is the primary cause of underperformance. Omitting a pragmatic sanity check of the evident price evolution is a high-risk choice. A systematic, objective, well tested methodology can fill this intelligence gap.

    The solution. Use Trendrating to validate investment ideas, as the confirmation of a positive trend in motion adds strength to the decision and reduces the risks. When considering a list of stocks to buy, Trendrating can add an extra layer of trend quality ranking to select the best opportunities.

    Risk control - Stay on top of trend reversals.

    The challenge. There is an element of risk that some investors ignore – the trend risk. It is the risk of holding a stock that starts turning down, proving that the selling pressure outweighs the buying interest, and may well experience a bear trend, whose extent is uncertain. Managing multiple portfolios makes it difficult to oversee all the holdings and spot in time negative trend reversals that generate new risks.

    The solution. Use Trendrating to efficiently monitor the equity exposures, via prompt alerts in case of emerging trend risks in any security. A downgrade points to a high probability of more damage to follow.

    New investment ideas - Spot opportunities at an early stage.

    The challenge. Monitoring an investment universe is time consuming. New investment ideas are often generated a bit late, after an obvious positive trend started. The outcome is missing profitable opportunities or being late for lack of timely information.

    The solution. Use Trendrating to quickly spot the start of a bull trend in any stock within the investment universe of your interest. You are then alerted in time to profit from the potential rise, and decide if the opportunity fits your investment rules.

    Sectors and market allocation - Discriminate and exploit trend strength.

    The challenge. The allocation framework can generate higher returns if also optimized on the specific strength across markets and sectors. A sector where a large part of the stocks are in a bull trend, is more appealing than a sector with only a few stocks rising. However, how can one measure and compare the aggregated strength of any sector to maximize the upside potential and reduce risks?

    The solution. Use Trendrating to calculates the aggregated rating for any list of stocks. It provides consistent, objective metrics to enhance the allocation with a layer of trend validation.

    Strategy design and validation - Give a boost to your strategy and document the value.

    The challenge. Any investment strategy can unquestionably be improved at any time. However, designing, testing, optimizing and validating an active strategy requires a rich data set and state-of-art technology.

    The solution. Trendrating developed a solution that makes this critical and complex task easy and fast. Use Trendrating to construct investment strategies, combing rock-solid fundamentals and the company proprietary trend discovery analytics, to obtain a solid blend of quality and pragmatism. The user can design his/her own strategy, defining the rules and the parameters from an extensive library of data and indicators. It is then easy to run a test for up to 15 years of history, optimize the parameters to maximize the performance, document the results, and finally execute.

    New products launch - Disrupt and grow.

    The challenge. The new market cycle is changing the game for product issuers. The end of the 12 years bull market will expose the inadequacy of many investable products that prospered in the good days. As investors realize that a passive product can be a source of repetitive losses, they will shift assets elsewhere. Therefore, the opportunity is filling the inevitable future demand of intelligent products, that can deliver alpha also in a low to negative returns cycle that can last years.

    The solution. The way forward is advanced active management, profiting from the recurrent performance dispersion inherent in any investment universe, across different market cycles. Farsighted operators launching innovative products, will capture a significant share of the assets reallocation at the expense of those that will persist with a conventional offer range, detached from the new course. Use Trendrating to design products combining the best of fundamental analysis, and a safe proprietary trend validation filter, enabling a more robust investment story.

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